Welcome to www.BunionSurgery.NYC!


I started this website to educate patients and doctors on bunion surgery. Bunion surgery is the most common surgery I perform. I have been called the best bunion surgeon in NYC which I am very proud of. I started my private podiatry practice in 2000. I quickly grew to own and operate my large group practice. In January 2013 I changed my practice focus to concentrate only on foot surgery and all other podiatric problems are treated by my partner doctors.

I perform many different types of bunion surgeries ranging from small bunions to some of the worst bunions you can imagine. I perform bunion surgery on young people who experience painful bunions only on occasion, to more advance bunions that hurt every day.

I operate on bunions that only hurt where they rub on shoes, to bunions that are severely arthritic and hurt constantly, even out of shoes, and everything in between.

Similar to bunion surgery, I operate on hallux limitus (limited range of motion of the big toe) every week.

I pride myself on using the newest and most advanced procedures to correct bunions. Having trained under plastic surgeons in my surgical residency and also used advanced plastic surgery techniques to remove excess skin after bunion surgery for the most cosmetic results.